About Us

Embawo’s creations are made of the innovative combination of wood and leather.

All pieces can be widely personalized according to the customer’s wish. Each piece is itself a uniqueness due to the fact that it cannot be replicated because wood is an ever changeable material when used in its naturality.


Embawo exalts the colours and the forms of the nature.

Embawo represents essentially a style, a life mood, a way to be, a statement.

Embawo is class, clean lines, smooth shapes, natural design.

Embawo is the creative innovation coming from the made-in-Italy manufacturing excellence.


Each bag and accessory incorporates the brand’s signature wood panels, but the varying grains give to each one a completely different appearance.


While Norbert Öttl, the South Tirol creator of the brand, loves designing bags, this is not where the Embawo story ends: a line of hand baggage has been already launched and, more furniture and homewards are already in his collection.